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Sword For The Lord

Day 4 Recap: Ken Paxton Impeachment Trial

The Prosecution Hits Iceberg And Begins To Take On Water. Call Your Texas State Senator!

During the Impeachment Trial of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, the prosecutors lost credibility among the educated. Day 3 uber-disaster Ryan Vassar was back on the stand for Day 4 pulling clean-up duty after his bombshell testimony that he and his associates “took no evidence” when they reported Ken Paxton to the FBI. Repeat: No Evidence = Testimony Sucked.

Vassar came back on Day 4 of the trial and desperately tried to “unsuck” himself. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to work. It was painful to anyone who watched. The audacity of hope to go to the FBI without physical evidence will forever be the foundation of Ken Paxton’s return to office. NOW is the time to get off the couch and call your Texas State Senator and demand an end to this disastrous, coup-looking event.

David Maxwell, former director of law enforcement for the Texas AG’s office and former Texas Ranger, also took the stand on Friday. Brothers and sisters, it just got worse as he was cross-examined by attorney Dan Cogdell. Maxwell made it clear that his intent was NOT to answer questions from the prosecution, but “to throw people off”. Not the purity you would expect from such a “distinguished” witness. But the most disturbing part of this testimony was when former Ranger Maxwell declared that he had no intentions of doing any investigations into the allegations against Paxton! Slam on the brakes… the former Texas Ranger just announced that the truth didn’t matter!!! Not exactly the verbiage you would expect from a former member of an esteemed agency.

I hate to go “Titanic” on the Hardin team prosecutors, but viewers would not have been surprised had they observed those lawyers donning life jackets. We need to end this malarkey. Notify your Texas State Senator and demand closure to this embarrassing foray into “hearsay law enforcement”. Attorney General Ken Paxton needs to return to his office ASAP. Visit www.SwordForTheLord.com to find your senator’s phone number and call, call, call!

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